Solution II - 16 to 50 Total Lanes, Single or Multiple Locations

When a grocery business reaches a certain size the needs tend to change.   Proactive management requires that reports need to be more in depth but relay vital information easily. Flexibility is also a need as the POS system may need integration with other solutions.  This package offers the flexibility and management tools required to lead your grocery store or chain. We use this package as a platform to create the solution that is best for your organization.

First we meet with you and discuss your organization and your needs. We then send a comprehensive proposal based on that assessment and then implement an installation of that proposal. 

The package is a starting point that incorporates the key components below that every store owner, CEO or general manager finds important.

Included in package:

  1. This package recognizes that the solution must be economical. This means more than initial investment. It also incorporates reduced training time, installation time and reliability.  
  2. It is a solution that is functional and easy to use.  It is easy to use at every level of store operations and has intuitive interface that will give your whole team confidence and reduced training time. It is also easily scalable for growth.
  3. Every grocery store or chain is different and as a result this solution provides not only the standard matrix of reports but is also capable of being customized to your needs. Quality Reporting is necessary to manage your business.  It has the features you need to manage your store or stores with complete confidence in your operation.
  4. Reliability – We only recommend the best solution that will meet your needs.
  5. Customer Care – Software updates, routine maintenance and 24 hour a day response are just some of the option available with this package.

This package contains the following depending on your needs:

Software Solution of IT Retail or LOC SMS, Scanner Scales, Computers, Cash Drawers, Touch Pads, Receipt Printers, RF Units, Label Printers, Servers, Monitors or Touch Screens, Keyboards, Battery Backups, Cables, Professional Installation, Customer Care Package

Also we have available LaneHawk BOB Solution, Fuel Integration, Electronic Shelf Labels, Integrated or Stand Alone Surveillance Systems.