So You Know – Touchscreens

We all know that through normal use a touchscreen in the check-out lane can get quite dirty with smudges and finger prints. Not only does this make the lane look worn and dirty to the customer but also, this can make the screens hard to read and cause mistakes in the checkout process. The good news is that unlike some screens in the past, current screens are designed to be easy to clean and can be spruced up after every shift.

Generally, any standard glass cleaner can be used to clean the touchscreen, but it is a good idea to avoid products that contain ammonia.

The trick to a longer lasting touchscreen is to remember to always spray the glass cleaner on the cloth or towel and then clean the touchscreen. If you spray large amounts of cleaner directly on to the monitor it could possibly drip inside the non-sealed sections of the monitor and cause extensive damage.

Dirt and fingerprints do not affect the operation of a properly sealed touch display and neither does a good cleaning.