So You Know - Printers

When it comes to the POS System that you currently have, regardless of type or brand, there are general things to look out for when it comes to maintenance that will help you with a longer POS life, less business interruption and smother operations.


At POS Plus, part of what we do is customer care or service of various aspects of the POS System. We see problems and trends that you may not and as a result we are passing on general information that will help you keep up and running more efficiently.


As an example, we recently received 10 printers that were simply classified as “broken” when they came in. They were relatively young in the life of a typical printer so we were suspicious from the outset. Once they were opened our suspicions were confirmed when 6 out of the 10 had loose change in various places in the housing.


It would seem that employees looking for a break, started using the units as a piggy bank causing the malfunction.  The fix was simple, but the interruption to business and lost man-hours cost more than the repairs. If you run across an employee that always seems to be on a lane when it breaks perhaps there is an explanation that need further investigation.