So You Know - Switching Internet Providers

Many retailers are looking to squeeze a little out of every line item in the budget and one of the targets for savings is the internet service provider or even switching types of internet service within the same company. We understand that those pennies saved can add up; however, the internet company (only interested in the immediate sale) tends to over simplify the process of the switch. This is leading grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailers to believe the process is easy in regards to the point of sale system. The new provider’s tech comes in, sets up the modem, verifies that there is a signal and then they are out the door to the next customer.

Suddenly, PIN pads don’t work, back office connections fail and RF wireless units are useless. An emergency now exists and our phone rings.  We respond as quickly as possible, however repairing the issue of the new internet connection may not be an easy fix. The network may have to be reconfigured and an onsite visit maybe required. Not only that, but in the downtime you can lose valuable information as you find work-a-rounds and your entire system can be open to security breaches.

To avoid the pitfalls of changing internet services, contact your point of sale provider before you make the switch. We can work with you and your internet service provider to help you make the right choices and make the transition as smooth as possible.