So You Know - Checkout LanesScanner Scales

Scanner scales are one of the most abused pieces of equipment that you will find in the grocery store. Nothing gets more items bounced off of it in a day's-time than the scanner scale. Because they absorb so much abuse they are built like tanks and should provide years of reliable service. But there needs to be daily, yes, I said daily, maintenance to keep these units performing well.

Most manufacturers recommend that the weight platter and the scan windows are cleaned at least two times a day. Depending on the volume of your store, that usually means cleaning after every shift. It should become second nature for the cashier to clean them at the end of their shift and the chore should be on a post-shift check list. The weight platter and scan windows are easy to clean. Just remember to use a nonabrasive, mild, water-based glass cleaner and paper towels or lint-free cleaning tissues. All other exterior surfaces should be cleaned as well using the same method.

Cleaning the air gap, or debris chutes, and drip rail should occur once per day. Most items can be removed from the gap by running a stiff, thin object along all of the sides of the weighing surface.  A credit card or membership card should suffice. Removing the debris will ensure accurate weighing.

Lastly, if it is necessary, you can carefully remove the top cover to clear away any debris in the chutes or drip rail.

Believe it or not this is not a common practice in many grocery stores and often times expensive maintenance calls could have been avoided if the scanner scale would have been cleaned on a routine basis.