So You Know

When calling our customer support line, our professional technicians usually walk you through a step by step process to eliminate issues one at a time. This very logical process follows the flow of electricity and information from the source to the end of the process. In this way we can help you deal with the problem you are facing quickly and professionally.

Depending on the described malfunction that presents itself, it may well be an electrical supply problem that is at the core of the difficulty. Because of this, quite often the first question asked by our technician is, “Is the unit plugged in?” Now to be perfectly clear we hate asking that question as much as you hate responding. However, there is no way to get around the question.

Just like water, electricity has a flow and that flow begins with the plug in the back of the checkout counter. The flow then continues to a surge protector and then to various components. That plug in the back of the counter is where we must begin and, believe it or not, we have had our fair share of unplugged units causing a technical problem. It’s understandable. The last shift of the day closes down the lane and quickly pulls out a rag from the cabinet underneath the cash drawer to do some sprucing up. Accidentally the plug of one of the components gets jarred loose and voila the point of sale system fails in the morning when the next shift comes on and our phone rings.

We know that there is no good way to ask the question without insulting the caller, but the question must be asked, so please, be kind!