SaleGuard – Target Your Shrink Problems

How can you tell your best employees from the worst? For years it has been a guessing game, often based on hunches or anecdotal information.  But with shrink due to employee theft being 46.8%, based on a recent study, it is a problem that needs a serious fact based solution. SaleGuard is the solution.  It is a software package that combines point of sale data with surveillance video as a way to deal with loss prevention. The software increases your profits by detecting fraud, errors, and inefficiencies in your business that cost you money.


SaleGuard reduces your shrink by doing the work for you.  It has customizable risk analysis reports to help identify your top and bottom performing employees and locations. These interactive reports use historical transaction data to compare each employee or location to their peers. By using Key Performance Indicators, SaleGuard is able to rank all employees or locations based on their probable risk to cause shrink. This provides your loss prevention team specific areas to focus their efforts on and reduces the time it takes to identify and eliminate shrink.


Also SaleGuard’s custom search options and reports, assist in identifying employees providing unauthorized coupons and discounts, incorrect pricing, problematic keyed items and much more. Transactions can be searched using a wide range of criteria to identify any subset you are investigating. Once a potential shrink causing incident is identified, review the complete associated receipt and video of the transaction for verification.


Normally trying to investigate shrink due to employee shortcomings can be difficult and time consuming.  But this software solution allows for an unbiased examination of the data on an ongoing basis and eliminates the need for manual auditing of transaction data.


Who are your worst employees? The longer you wait to find out, the more their negative performance trends or fraud may be costing you.