At POS Plus, we partner with several providers so we can analyze your needs, recommend a solution and install that solution quickly.  We examine the best possible option and find the best fit. One size does not fit all in the grocery business and our solutions will meet the needs of your organization. 

LOC SMS – We are proud to offer as one of our solutions LOC software’s Store Management Suite (SMS).  It is designed to satisfy all of a retailer's or grocer's needs, including powerful merchandising and inventory controls, fully integrated loyalty programs, multi-store management, and much more.

IT Retail  - Since 1993 IT Retail has been helping grocery store owners succeed by providing a comprehensive suite of grocery POS systems. POS Plus is pleased to offer this solution developed by a lifelong grocer. This solution is designed to meet the grocers every need.

Point Of Sale Hardware - POS Plus provides solutions. That means that we are constantly researching the best companies, the best hardware and the best prices for products that will accomplish your goals and enhance your company.  Because we are looking for the best solutions you will find a wide array of hardware products from several different companies.  We will use the strengths of each product provider to structure a package that will be the best possible investment for your organization.  Rest assured that any recommended solution will always integrate, work seamlessly together, be PCI compliant and meet all industry standards. 

LaneHawk BOB Solution - LaneHawk™ LH4000 is a loss prevention solution that eliminates bottom-of-the-basket (BOB) loss as a problem and creates real-time profits. LaneHawk detects BOB items and sends the UPC information to the point of sale system immediately making sure stores get paid.  The result is that LaneHawk reduces shrink, increases revenue and pays for itself, usually in less than 12 months.

Electronic Shelf Labels - POS Plus and Pricer has joined forces to bring you the high quality, cutting edge technology of electronic shelf labels. Originally conceived as a solution for food retail, Pricer electronic shelf labels solve multiple problems for supermarket and convenience store owner.  There are a wide variety of labels for food retailers, as well as standard labels for the shelf edge. In addition Pricer through POS Plus can provide labels specifically designed for freezers, deli cabinets, small peg hooks and larger labels serving as large signs.

Surveillance - POS Plus is a provider and innovator in delivering a video solution to security problems in retail businesses. We work with OpenEye, a leader in the business of designing and manufacturing digital video recorders and surveillance equipment for the security industry.  From grocery stores to convenience stores, POS Plus and OpenEye will design and place the necessary digital video recorders, surveillance equipment and, when needed, POS integration to meet the client’s needs. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service through the entire process.  From the analysis to installation, support and maintenance, we put the customer first.

Grocery Solutions - Whether you are starting a new grocery business, updating an aged system or expanding your operation, you are probably confused by the thousands of systems and components that make up a functioning point of sale system and back office solution.  You need a partner in the process that can sort through the choices and provide solutions not confusion. We have the needed expertise whether adding fuel sales integration to membership cards. 

Customized Solutions - Not every customer we work with will find specific packages the best answer for their needs. In these circumstances we offer a ground up, fully customized solution. We begin with an intake interview and an onsite visit to several of your locations. We assess the intake information and then break down your needs in an easy to digest report that clearly delineates your goals and desires for the solution along with a cost estimate.