POS Plus Combines Front and Back Office Capabilities with LOC

By Jeni Moore

POS Plus is all about solutions and a pressing concern that some retail stores, supermarkets and chains have is integration of the front and back office into one easy to use system. As a result, POS Plus has partnered with LOC and its Store Management Suite (SMS).  If you are looking for a robust Window-base point of sale system, that has the power to combine the point of sale with back office management, then SMS is your solution.

For grocery stores and for many retail applications SMS can meet your needs. Up front, HTML coding is no problem, giving you flexibility to customize your screens, create reporting that you want to see and also allows for complete integration for office polling and price updates as you need them or want them. In addition it enables any type of payment processing, custom built customer retention programs and loyalty programs. Everything is intuitively organized making it easy to understand and implement.  

SMS in the back office means inventory management including perpetual inventory tools and functions that permit purchasing, receiving, price verification, label creation and printing, promotional material creation and cash management. This system also tracks your actions for success giving you a full line of reports to assist in management and increasing profitability.

SMS provides standard sales reports, but also tracks sales by product, by promotion, margins, identifiable sales and inventory trends, cost management, cashier balances and several more. Each of these reports can be created to fit how you work and can be viewed by day, week, month or year. These reports are also easily compared or contrasted with reports from almost any period of time. As an example, you can compare a department’s sales quarterly, annually or daily to track success. With this tool you will know what promotions are working and what are not. You can also get the same level of reports on the macro level (whole store) or micro (single product) and every step in between. You will never have to guess by viewing customer response anecdotally if a product is selling like it should or if it is underperforming. This back office tool will allow you to understand your store or location at a higher level than before.

Cube reports are also a part of the back office system, and can be a very useful tool. It is the corner stone of SMS giving you a full breakdown by time, product inventory and sales in any dimension. Halloween candy is the perfect example of how Cube reporting can benefit the store. Do you know how much candy you bought for Halloween this year or for the last three years? Do you know the total sales of each type and brand broken down by the sku? Do you know how much of each candy did not sell? And can you compare your Halloween candy sales for the past three years on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis? With SMS you can. If you are looking for a front and back office solution then POS Plus recommends a serious look at LOC Store Management Suite.