Grocery Point Of Sale Hardware

POS Plus provides solutions. That means that we are constantly researching the best companies, the best hardware and the best prices for products that will accomplish your goals and enhance your company.  Because we are looking for the best solutions you will find a wide array of hardware products from several different companies. 

Dell – Dell computers are durable, reliable and fast making them a perfect match for many of the solutions grocers and retailers are looking for. POS Plus will find the best match for you and your organization. 

Toshiba/IBM – Together, IBM and Toshiba are offering solutions that many grocery stores and chains will find meets their needs. POS Plus can assess your organization, create a plan and install a solution that may include products from computers to printers, from the Toshiba/IBM family.

Verifone - POS Plus has partnered with Verifone, a leader in PIN Pad technology to provide performance and value.  Regardless of the size of your store, we can offer a solution that meets your needs. VeriFone PIN pads support PCI 3.x, end-to-end encryption and remote key management.

Datalogic – POS Plus is pleased to offer Datalogic products as a component of many of the solutions that we recommend to our clients. Datalogic’s Scanner/Scales, Hand Scanners and RF Units are durable, high quality and hard working.  

Elo – Elo Touch Solutions is a leading retail systems provider of touch interactive experiences. As the original inventors of touch screen technology, they have over 40 years of retail market experience providing customers with a proven, high-quality, long-life, product designed for years of reliable use around the clock.

Motorola - With a Motorola scanner in hand, you can capture the data that matters most — as fast and as accurately as possible. POS Plus can suggest a wide range of Motorola products depending on the need of each individual client. We can find the right scanner for the right application.

Epson – One of the biggest and most reliable names in printing is Epson. Many times we recommend their products to get the job done quickly and with as little downtime as possible.  

Acer – Acer produces high quality and affordable options when it comes to monitors. They are also built with eco-friendly technologies that will save power and cut energy cost. They are also easy to read and ergonomically designed. 

OKI – We offer products from OKI for your printing needs.  All OKI products are designed to achieve the highest levels of office printing efficiency and productivity while delivering a low total printer cost.

We will use the strengths of each product provider to structure a package that will be the best possible investment for your organization.  Rest assured that any recommended solution will always integrate, work seamlessly together, be PCI compliant and meet all industry standards.