POS Plus - LOC SMS Partnership

POS Plus and LOC have partnered together for over ten years and together have provided hundreds of clients software solutions. Reliability, flexibility and stability are the hallmarks of this innovative solution that has made this partnership work so well. Through LOC Software, POS Plus is able to help clients integrate retail operations from the point of transaction to the ledger.

POS Plus and LOC Store Management Software (SMS) includes everything you need to  control a store, starting with a Point of Sale system (POS) that is fast and flexible, safe and easy to use. The SMS Point of Sale module manages all register transactions and provides tighter control for store managers, plus it provides a solid checkout engine, with no dependency on a server or network connection. The system is flexible enough to support multiple inputs, including scanning, touch screen, keyboard, or any combination.

Also, with POS Plus, SMS is versatile with a complete set of applications for supermarkets and grocers, gas station c-stores, fueling centers, specialty retail and pharmacy, from single site to multi-store chain environments.

The foundation of SMS is rooted in solid, proven industry standards designed to offer the protection you require and the flexibility you demand. The SMS system is a client to Microsoft’s SQL database engine. This architecture ensures undeniable reliability, a robust feature set, and speed. The concept of a toolbox allows the system to be personalized without changing the source code. Customization has never been easier, or more stable. Now you too can have a solid store management system designed around your unique needs.

Whether you are looking for advanced promotional capabilities, better reporting tools, or more complete inventory control, SMS through POS Plus is the system for you. SMS provides a cost effective, upgradeable solution capable of growing as your needs change. Retailers no longer need multiple systems to meet their many business demands.

SMS is tailored to each customer, in one seamless interface that is fast and flexible, safe and easy to use. From powerful merchandising & inventory control, fully integrated loyalty, multi-store management, and much more, SMS provides the tools. It’s time you put POS Plus and LOC SMS technology to work for you.

Buy, manage, and sell better.

Save time.

Save money.

Grow your business.

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