IT Retail

POS Plus and IT Retail have been working together to provide cutting-edge grocery POS software and solutions for over a decade.  

One of the primary reasons for such a long relationship is that both entities are grounded in the grocery business. IT Retail proudly says they are “Designed by Grocers for Grocers!” And POS Plus has decades of combined experience in the grocery industry. Due to the years of dedication to the industry, there is a common bond and common experience that can give any grocer, supermarket or chain the edge when choosing, installing and implementing a POS System when working with POS Plus and IT Retail. 

Through POS Plus, IT Retail solutions are designed to meet the grocers every need. You get a solution that is designed to keep grocers ahead of the technology curve by utilizing the latest hardware advancements from Dell, paired with a Microsoft Certified Partnership. IT Retail is so confident in their solution that they guarantee that their point of sale software solution will help you succeed!

Just a partial list of features to elevate your grocery store to the next level:

  • Compare daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales
  • Find best and worst selling products
  • Track customer buying patterns
  • View daily sales tenders & deposits
  • Self-Checkout Solutions
  • Monitor cash registers, and in depth Cashier Analysis
  • Back Office POS solution

IT Retail’s back office software solution affords managers complete control of all the essential business operations including: customer and product profitability reports, price changes, promotional discounts, cash register accounting and tracking and customer loyalty programs, to name a few. With IT Retail’s software, grocery store managers can finally break free from the restraints of a difficult, slow, and unresponsive point of sale solution to indulge in a system that works for them.

Let the POS Plus, IT Retail partnership work for you and your organization.

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