POS Plus has a dedicated team of experts ready to install any solution. Our team is fast, efficient and professional. This leads to minimal downtime and reduced business interruption.  

But the physical installation is only one part of the equation. POS plus also has a team of highly trained and knowledgeable programmers and support personnel that will work with you to maximize the power of the solution you desire.

POS Plus uses a step by step approach to make the installations go as smooth as possible.

1. Our team listens to you and your concerns to understand the challenges and requirements before they start the installation.

2. POS Plus completes an analysis and tests the installation process and components to make sure that everything is right before they arrive.

3. We arrive on time and prepared to complete the installation to your specifications.

The installation services that we provide are second to none in the industry and we hope that you will give POS Plus the opportunity to serve you.

Whether we are installing a Bottom of the Basket solution, fuel pumps, integrated surveillance system or stand-alone system, electronic shelf labels system or a POS System and back office solution we work hard to make it easy on you and your staff.

Installation is more than pulling wire and setting up lanes, it also means software and often times the more difficult task is making sure that there is complete integration and that all of the technology that has been requested works at peak performance when the job is done.  We have technicians and programmers that can make sure the hardware and the software will work together.   

Our rates are variable depending on the job, the timetable for completion and the existing structure where the solution is to be installed. 

Please contact us for more information.

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