We Are Solutions

Whether you are starting a new grocery business, updating an aged system or expanding your operation, you are probably confused by the thousands of systems and components that make up a functioning point of sale system and back office solution.  You need a partner in the process that can sort through the choices and provide solutions not confusion. We have the needed expertise whether adding fuel sales integration to membership cards. 

We work with dozens of providers to find the best fit for you that is flexible, functional and secure.  We have packaged these options to make your choices easy.  Keep in mind that there is always customization to fit your business’ priorities; however we recognize your need for simple solutions.   These options are starting points as we work towards the goal of getting you the best possible POS system for your organization.

The first step is analysis. We meet with you to determine your needs. We then make a recommendation based on those needs and then install the solution.


Solution I - 2 to 15 Total Lanes, Single or Multiple Locations

This package has you in mind. It is easy­­­ to use at every level of store operations and has the features that you need to manage your store or stores with complete confidence in your operation.  Your choice of maintenance and service plans comes with this package to give you peace of mind. It is also scalable so it can grow with you.  Click for details.   

Solution II - 15 to 50 Lanes, Single or Multiple Locations

Growing, replacing or upgrading?  This package is for you.  Directing a management team can only be as effective as the information at your fingertips. This package has the capability to allow you to have the internal information about each store or each lane as well as inventory data, pricing and customer service intelligence to make wise decisions.  Our solution will help you build and grow. Our team will assess and make recommendations to improve your bottom line and reduce your burden by placing high quality solutions at your locations. Click for details.  

Solution III – 51+ Lanes Multiple Locations

This package is geared towards those that are looking for software and hardware solutions that are completely integrated with reports that are customized over the entire enterprise.  It also allows you to drill down to the employee and customer level, discovering trends quickly and easily. It is secure and flexible, meeting the demands of new technology.  We work with you to determine specific needs and how to best meet those needs. Click for details.