Strategic Pricing

Cost of cucumbers up 0.01%? Fine tune your prices

Bundles, loyalty discounts, limited-time offers... there are many strategic pricing options to help you attract more customers and sales. Electronic labels make it easier for you to carry out your dynamic pricing strategies.

Follow supplier price changes

Follow fluctuations in suppliers' prices so that you and your customers don't miss out on any benefits from a change in price. No matter how small.

Access centralised price know-how

Ensure that promotions are carried out properly, with more efficient central price-setting and better control of margins.

Maximise profit

A difference of a few cents on each product quickly adds up.

Real time pricing. Fast.

Implement price changes rapidly. With Pricer that's up to 90 000 updates per hour. An amazing 7 500 updates in 5 minutes. React quicker than ever.

Optimize your prices

Attract more sales with dynamic pricing to obtain the best returns. Create targeted location- and time-specific offers. Beyond price, use the displays to indicate loyalty offers or special promotional bundles. Your price displays become an additional sales tool.

Maximize sales on perishable or seasonal items

Ensure the best balance between supply and demand. Make incremental price changes on perishable goods, and find the price your customers are happy to pay.