Space Management

Shelves that know how to manage space

Control the placement of every item in store. The Pricer solution keeps track of additional inventory and product information so you can intelligently manage all aspects of promotional pricing and shelf layout.

Reinforce your promotional merchandising strategies, using your digital price displays as a communications tool to maximize your sales.

Display instructions at the shelf edge

Having product display information at your fingertips makes all the difference. Have a 'hero' product that you want to have maximum shelf space? A product that provides additional loyalty points? Include the information on your digital price labels.

Fewer out-of-date products

Use your labels to monitor when products are reaching the end of their shelf life. With a quick glance at the digital display, your employees can quickly determine which goods need discounting or replacing.

Stock status on hand

Use the display to show how many items are in stock or out in the warehouse. With no more time-consuming searches, you'll save your employees' time and your customers' patience.

Fewer empty shelves

Using the digital display to show stock on hand helps you to manage your shelf space and in turn your supply chain efficiency. The result? Higher availability of products for your customers, maximum stock turn and the most efficient use of space.

More space for a wider range

Increase stock movement at full retail value while lowering carrying costs and decreasing out-of-stocks and excess inventory, so that you can enhance your overall profitability.

Ensure your merchandising strategies are carried out

Use symbols or messages on electronic shelf labels to indicate where items sit in your planogram. Store staff can easily identify where to place products without needing to search for more information elsewhere.