Price Integrity

That'll be 2.99 for that
2.99 bar of soap

Be 100% sure that your price labels display the correct price at the shelf edge. Eliminate manual errors, increase customer loyalty, and have complete control over your price adjustments. It's cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Wireless, fast and secure

Price Integrity

Update store prices immediately

Quickly and reliably update pricing in-store. With the fastest, most reliable solution, you can be certain your products are selling at the correct price. No delay.

Reduce pricing errors

Eliminate pricing errors. Your price labels in-store will match your back-end database, and the prices in the checkout counters, at all times. Plus, no more price audits. With electronic labelling you will be 100% confident that the prices on the shelf match your back-end database.

Improve customer loyalty

With correct prices, your customers will shop confidently in your store, knowing the likelihood of delays and queries once they reach the checkout are greatly reduced. Your employees can spend more time helping your customers.

Confirmation of price updates

The Pricer system is a two-way communications solution that updates prices and reports back to confirm the updates have been made. Monitor the success of your updates from the back office, or at head office. It's effortless. Stress-free.

Eliminate fines & price audits

Prices in your database are what's on display at the shelf edge. You've got more control, whether it's for promotions or regular item prices. It just works.

No lost sales from unpriced goods

With electronic price labels all items in-store will have a price - if not, your system will notify you that there's a problem.