Boost Productivity

Staff tied up with pricing? Set them free

Keep your operations efficient with digital price & product updates.

Better customer service

Instead of spending time checking and updating paper labels, your employees are free to help with customer enquiries, replenish stock levels and manage merchandising.

Reduce the risk of fines for incorrect prices

Prices in your database are what's on display at the shelf edge. You've got more control, whether it's for promotions or regular item prices. It just works.

Answer stock questions on the spot

Display useful sales information next to your products, such as price, product information and inventory levels. No need to search for the answers in a brochure or in the back store room.

Faster checkout lines

Remove uncertainty. Your prices at the shelf edge are the same as at the point of purchase, so there's no discrepancy in prices and no delays while checking the price. Less customer complaints and more happy customers.

Reduce operating costs

Lower your fixed costs. No need to spend on paper and printing, and re-allocate your employees' time to more productive activities.

Handle any amount of price changes

Update to an individual display, a section or the entire shop floor. It's the fastest system on the market, handling up to an incredible 90 000 updates an hour.