A Grocer's POS Solution

When it comes to grocery store solutions, at POS Plus we like to present options regarding the point of sale system. We recognize that one size does not fit all. One of the options available includes IT Retail 7 R2. IT Retail was developed by a lifelong grocer and as a result this point of sale solution is designed to meet the grocer's every need.

With IT Retail you get a solution that is designed to keep grocers ahead of the technology curve by utilizing the latest hardware advancements, paired with software that keeps your system running smoothly and safely. IT Retail guarantees that their point of sale software solution will help you succeed.

With IT Retail POS software, you get an easy-to-use solution that speaks and works the way grocers think. From the cash register interface to the advanced reporting services, the grocery POS software does it all. As one of POS Plus’ solutions, it is designed specifically to improve the grocery store's organization, while empowering the grocers to manage the store on a personal level. To meet the needs of the grocer, IT Retail offers:

  •             Easy to use customizable touchscreen
  •             Touchscreen profiles by lane
  •             Simple product “Look up” functions
  •             Compare daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales
  •             Find best and worst selling products
  •             Track customer buying patterns
  •             View daily sales tenders and deposits
  •             Self-Checkout Solutions
  •             Monitor cash registers, and in depth Cashier Analysis

IT Retail’s back office software solution affords managers complete control of all the essential business operations such as customer and product profitability reports, price changes, promotional discounts, cash register accounting and tracking, and customer loyalty programs, to name a few.

With this solution from POS Plus, grocery store managers can finally break free from the restraints of a difficult, slow, and unresponsive point of sale solution and have a system that works for them. Contact us for more information.